Todd's Salsa
TODD'S SALSA started as a hobby in a small home kitchen in Bangor, Maine. Unsatisfied with the typical store brand salsa, and wanting to make a fresher, more flavorful salsa than anything anyone had ever tasted was Todd's goal.

Tinkering with the recipe to get the flavors just right was important from the start. Todd started by using the freshest ingredients right out of his own garden, chopped them by hand, cooked them with care and ladled the final mix into jars.

Thousands of pounds of peppers, loads of garlic and more than 500 taste tests later; friends and family urged Todd to sell his salsa and his hobby grew into the business it is today.

Every kettle of TODD'S is handcrafted in small batches to achieve a true gourmet taste. Our salsa is made with 'just the right' consistency for a smooth even texture with every bite. TODD'S offers a full range of flavors to choose from. Mild, with no jalapeono pepper to habanero, that brings the heat!

**** We are happy to bring back the Award Winning Inner Beauty Hot Sauce **** You will love it!

****Our new salsa flavors: Pineapple, Maple and Chipotle are also AWARD WINNING**** They are great!

****Tried the Ghost Pepper Salsa yet? Award winning with heat AND flavor!**** Order a jar today!

From TODD'S SALSA to your table, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!
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